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Yo I'm Maddy and I draw cartoons


Back up/sketch account bonziBUNNY


Af2 ll Dominic Glordano by wackomako
Af2 ll Dominic Glordano
:iconapprenticefortress2: Oh my god its been months but I finally get back to uploading to this group with a new character fINALLY.

General Identification ]

»Name: Dominic Glordano 
»Nickname[s]: Currently None

»Gender: Male
»Age: 21
»D.O.B: December 24th 
»Team: BLU 
»Class: Scout

»Height: 6'3"
»Weight: 170 lbs 
»Nationality: American 

Personal Information ]

»Personality: Cocky ll Self Absorbed ll Confident ll Flirty ll Witty 

»History: Dominic was adopted by a couple that already had a son. The two boys bonded pretty quickly, and became best of friends. Before hand, Dominic never knew what it was like to be in a house with parents who loved and cared for him, as well as going to bed with a full stomach, even if he was lucky enough for a bed. He lived in a pretty unkempt orphanage. He managed to escape one day, running incredibly fast and nimbly. No one was able to catch him until he ran into a couple that thought that he would make a great addition to there family. They took him in and were happy with how well him and their current son got along. When they went to school together, no one would have guessed they weren't actually blood related. While his older brother was much smarter and did better in school; a much more disciplined student, Dominic was always more of an outcast and troublemaker. He got detention many times and barely got above Cs in his classes. His brother still stuck by him and tried to convince his parents that Dominic would get better grades. His parents didn't have as much faith though, and he was sent to tutoring and even counseling for his behavior. Fortunately Dominic managed to pass high school but college just wasn't appealing to him. He wanted to do pro sports, baseball or track was his calling. He always loved being the star, the center of attention. Though for awhile he found himself stuck at home, his parents becoming increasingly worried and even irritated with the fact he wasn't going anywhere. His brother was already in college and had a part time job. Dominic began to feel as if his parents didn't care for him or even think of him as their son since he was such a failure. He moped around the house for the most part. He tried to get a job once or twice but none of them appealed to the attention seeking young lad, all too boring. One evening however, his brother visited home, with information on a place that was willing to hire the type of person like Dominic, he could run around as much as he wanted, and fight people to get paid. 

The young lad was pleased and signed right up. 

What he didn't know was what working at Tuefort would really bring. 

»Talents and Skills: Is incredibly fast on his feet. Along with being agile he can jump pretty far and high. Good at getting into situations (such as fights) fast and getting out pretty quick as well.

»Flaws: Is a bit overly confident, can get himself into trouble for this. While he is pretty witty and smart, people can easily take advantage of him if they feed his ego too much. 

»Likes: Being the center of attention, food, loud music, tattoos, fights he wins, has a soft spot for pretty much any animal.

Dislikes: Being ignored, losing, insects, haivng to sit still for long periods of time. 

»Extra: -Along with his tattoos shown he has several more, which he is usually more than willing to show off.
             -He owns a pet ferret named Rikki which he took with him to Tuefort but its usally hidden.
             -Is allergic to cinnamon 
             -He keeps his original last name

Weapons ]

»Primary: Scattergun 
»Secondary: Pistol 
»Melee: Bat 

Relationship Information ]

»Sexual Orientation: Bisexual 
»Relationship Status: Single 
»Preferences/Interests: Someone cool but not cooler than him.
»Current Attractions: :^) 
»Romantic Partner: Currently None 

»Family: Adoptive Parents: Mother: Chasitity Glordano 
                                           Father: Archie Glordano
                                           Brother: Donny Glordano 


Bullet; Purple Respect 
Bullet; PurpleBullet; Purple Rivals
Bullet; White Neutral
Bullet; Blue Acquaintance
Bullet; BlueBullet; Blue Friend
Bullet; Green Good Friend 
Bullet; GreenBullet; Green Best Friend 
Bullet; Yellow Crush
Bullet; Orange Lust
Bullet; Pink Love
Bullet; PinkBullet; Pink Romantic Partner 
Bullet; Red Dislike
Bullet; RedBullet; Red Hate
Bullet; Black Despise 
Bullet; BlackBullet; Black Fear

Roleplay Methods ]

Skype is the best method of rp for me, but I can do notes! 

»Time Zone: EST 

Roleplay Example: ] 

Dominic swung his bat aimlessly as he kicked up a cloud of dust. The Scout was dissapointed in the lack of attention. "Psh, if they all knew what was good for them they'd come over and talk to me." he muttered to himself as he spat at the ground. "Guess I have to do everything myself huh." He strode arcoss the feild, confidence and ego high as he flung his bat into the air, it spinning at a rapid pace. It fell back down, and he caught it with easy, still spinning the long bat in his hand. "Aye fellow teammates. Anyone want to see my rose tattoo?"

bot lane and chill face by wackomako
bot lane and chill face
SO i have a trist and draven blog that sometimes i draw stuff for it and it cracks me up and i need to post it everywhere
this is because of dravens face....i cant believe i drew that with my own two hands. 
hooligans by wackomako
I am such a shitter shipper don't even look at me. 
PTT-Squid Kid Doodles by wackomako
PTT-Squid Kid Doodles
Got added to a skype chat for PTT and decided to draw a bunch of the squidkids belonging to a few people in the chat hanging with Kiwi. Sort of just drew what came to mind, just silly nonsense doodles, since Kiwi is just a huge dork. 

Squids all belong to their rightful owners! The only squid thats mine is the beanie wearin' Kiwi squid~

Might do more of these for fun if anyone else wants a quick doodle! 

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